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Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the top way to introduce people to your brand. It is an amazing medium to promote your brand to potential customers. Building brand awareness is extremely valuable to any business. Many internet shoppers find product information from social media advertising and accordingly their shopping behavior is influenced and it helps make brand loyalty. Research says that social media networks are platforms where users discover new services, brands, and products.

It’s also important to understand the demographics of the platform you’re promoting your services on.  This recent blog post by Sprout Social on Social Media Demographics does a great job of breaking down the demographics by platform.

Advantages of Most Popular Social Media Platforms

You can quickly see a rise in exposure and contacts through social media marketing. Use of these platforms can directly encourage customers to contact your business for more information on how you can help them.

Marketers can sell products or services to focus audiences with promotional content and ads across social media platforms. The biggest advantage of this marketing is its capability to focus particular audiences.  By understanding who is using the various social media networks, the more you can target your postings and ads at specific audiences.

Social networks have a big knowledge of consumer demographics and their interests. This support marketers target the right people with the best message.  This has become crystal clear over the last few weeks!

The three biggest social media platforms currently that should be explored for promoting your business would be:


This is the most generally used social media platform across the web with about 980 million users. Being the biggest networking website, it has the ability to connect with your target audience and share content applicable to their needs.  And while it may have gotten some bad press recently, for good reason, it’s still a great way to reach a lot of potential customers.

Here, the business owners can create a Facebook page for their brands and business to connect with people. Then they should begin posting about their products to the focused consumers.  Taking the help of a business plan consultant  can also be quite beneficial as they will know how to gain success in these pages on their strength of knowledge like:

  • How many times to post per day
  • By coming up with the top marketing plan for your target group
  • Knowledge of specific hours of the day for amazing customer engagement
  • Whether the audience reacts better to videos, photos or text posts.
  • What headlines & subjects generate the most interest


Instagram can offer some strong advantages for your business as well. One of the top advantages of this platform is that it permits you to tell your brand’s story with special and attractive visual content. Not like other social media platforms, Instagram is targeted on visual, both video and images. Regardless of what industry your firm is in, you can use Instagram to showcase your business and tell your brand story in a way that is visually attractive.

As a photographer, I use Instagram a lot because I can post images that show the recent work we’ve done, and serves as an example of the service I can provide. Instagram follower growth helps you  monitor your hard work.


Brands can use this platform to get and connect their audience.  One advantage to using Twitter is that all tweets are indexed by Google and therefore useful in search engine optimization when clients search for certain things.  Hashtag permits you to follow and join in discussions about trending topics in your industry, or those your client may be looking for. You can use hashtags to get fresh audiences who might be attracted in your content. Your brand can also take advantage of subjects that are trending, via hashtags, to spread your reach beyond what might normally be possible.

There are certainly many more social media platforms that can be explored such as YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest, and many more.  But the “big three” will get you most mileage as of this writing.

The beauty of using social media to promote your business is that you, don’t have to choose between them, you can use them all to spread your reach to more audiences!  Take a look at each one as see if it might be the right platform for promoting what you offer.  The more you put your name and what your business out there, the more people you allow to see what you offer.

Larry is an architectural, commercial and real estate photographer based in College Station, TX and is active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Drone Photo of the Week

Jones Crossing – College Station, TX

s Crossing College Station Commercial Photographer

New HEB going in at Jones Crossing in College Station, TX.  Contact us to discuss photographing your commercial projects!

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Make Sure Your Aerial/Drone Pilot is Licensed AND Insured!

Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial Farm Photography

This recent Texas Association of REALTORS® blog post points out the importance of making sure you only hire licensed and insured pilots for your aerial photography.

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Holiday Hours 2017!

Aerial Commercial Real Estate Photography

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Variety is What Keeps it Fun!

Whether we’re shooting gorgeous residential properties, aerial images or commercial properties, it’s the variety, and challenge each day, that makes our “job” not seem like work at all!

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Luxury Real Estate Photography

Commercial Photography

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Build Your Own Door!

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

 Luxury Real Estate Photography

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Another Great Summer Week of Shooting!

 Best Luxury Real Estate Photographer

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Summer Sunset over Aggieland!

Texas A&M Sunset Twilight Photographer

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Busy Weeks are the Best!

 Real Estate Photographer

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Staging Your House to Sell!

 Real Estate Photographer


 Making Your House Look it’s Best is Essential

Staging to Sell

Last week I talked about the importance of using a professional photographer to give a great first impression to buyers when they’re searching the internet for homes.   This week I’m going to go over some of the things you, as a homeowner or a real estate agent, can do to get that home ready for photos and tours!

Staging is an important step when listing a home for sale, and just as important when preparing it for photographs. Potential buyers need to be able to see themselves living in the house, and properly staging it achieves this objective.  Staging helps the buyer focus on the house itself rather than the personal items of the seller.  Proper staging & preparation doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either!

All Rooms

Real Estate Photographer

  • Be sure all light bulbs work (and are the same color!)
  • Remove any pet-related items (beds, food & water dishes, toys, etc.)
  • If the house has pet smells, consider having the carpets steam cleaned (not a bad idea even if you don’t!)
  • Clean your house from top to bottom – the cost of hiring a professional is worth it!
  • If you have gym equipment in any rooms, and it can be moved, put it in the garage.


Real Estate Photographer

  • Clear clutter off counters
  • Remove counter-top appliances (especially if you have more than one per counter)
  • Remove photos, magnets and other things from the refrigerator
  • Hide any electrical cords, phones, etc.
  • Clear the sink of all dishes, wash cloths, sponges, soap dispensers
  • Hide any trash containers


Best Real Estate Photographer

  • Make all beds, tuck in sheets, remove excess pillows
  • Remove all clothes
  • Hide electrical cords, phone chargers, etc.
  • Clean off bedside tables, leaving only a book, lamp and maybe a clock or phone
  • Remove any excess furniture (rockers, cribs, etc.) to make the space look larger


College Station Real Estate Photographer

  • Remove any toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap or other items on the sink tops
  • Take all bottles, soaps, wash cloths, loofas, etc. out of the shower or off the tub
  • Small plants, candles or decorative items can spruce up the bathroom
  • Put away any toys you have in or around the bathtub
  • Wash and fold towels neatly that hang on towel rails
  • Clean mirrors completely.  Mirrors show streaks in bathrooms really well!
  • Scrub those shower walls and glass doors!  A grimy door will turn people off quickly
  • Hide trash cans

Living Rooms

Luxury Real Estate Photographer

  • Hide all remotes, game controllers, etc.
  • Remove newspapers and magazines
  • Hide loose cables, speaker wires, charging bases, etc.
  • Clean and declutter any shelves
  • Remove everything from end tables except lamps
  • Put away any personal photos

Dining/Breakfast Area

Real Estate Photographer

  • Clear all tables or set with place settings
  • Add a center piece such as candles, flowers or other decorative items
  • Limit the number of chairs around the table – too many and it looks crowded
  • No extra chairs in the corners of the room, put a plant there instead


Real Estate Photographer

  • Remove cars from driveway
  • Power wash driveways and sidewalks if necessary
  • Consider having the roof power washed if it’s needed
  • Mow lawn, have shrubs trimmed
  • Sweep all walkways, porches, decks
  • Hide trash cans
  • Put away any all toys, bicycles, garden hoses, sprinklers
  • Clean and straighten porch and patio furniture
  • Clean grill and remove the cover
  • Have pool cleaned and put away pool toys, straighten chairs
  • Make the front porch welcoming – new doormat, potted plants
  • Plant blooming flowers in front yard beds

Day of the Photo Shoot

On the day of the shoot, prior to the photographer’s arrival, make sure all curtains and blinds are open, all lights are turned on, all ceiling fans are off, close all toilet lids, lock up any pets, and turn off all televisions.


While we don’t normally photograph closets and garages, people will want to look in all of them when they tour your house.  So try to declutter those as much as possible, keeping at least 30-40% of the space free so they look more roomy.  If you need to rent a storage unit while your house is on the market, it would be a good investment.

Final Thoughts

Staging and decluttering your house will go a long way in helping buyers see themselves in your house, and will also let them know that the house has been taken care of!

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