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The Fun is in the Variety!

Aerial Drone Photography

One of the things I love about doing real estate photography is getting to see, and experience, the huge variety of unique homes on a daily basis!  Gorgeous exteriors, great interior designs and incredible pools.

Interior Design Twilight Exterior Unique Facade Twilight Pools

I mean seriously, how often do you get to see a house that has a street lamp in a half bath?!   How awesome is this??

Architectural Digest Interiors

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Texas A&M Rec Center Gets an Update!

In case you haven’t driven down Wellborn in the past few years, you may not have noticed the space between Blue Bell Park and the Rec Center shrinking, but it has been!  The Texas A&M Rec Center is finishing up an awesome expansion project that adds lots of new workout areas.  I had the chance to photograph some of the new additions recently for the architects on the project, MarmonMok, and the changes are awesome!  This is not your father’s workout facility!

I’m one of those people who’ve been around long enough to remember when there was only G. Rollie White, and if you wanted to work out there, you headed to the dungeon in the basement and slapped some rusted free weights, on an also pretty rusty bar, and did your thing!  That was until Needum Steed came along and boy, what an upgrade we thought that was!  Working out in there was like moving up in the world and feeling great just from your surroundings.

But both of those places are now gone, making way for the new Kyle Field renovations and the Davis Player Development Center, both of which are pretty inaccessible to the masses.   The Texas A&M Rec Center which took the place of the old workout venues, but was severely cramped for space – until now!

With the changes, they have added basketball/volleyball courts, two very large activity rooms with great views of Blue Bell Park, a new lap pool, a HUGE weight room & workout areas looking out onto the west side of Kyle Field, and there’s even a 2nd floor terrace that’ll be very popular, especially on football game days!

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Could your property presentation be enhanced by Aerial Photography?

With the growth in popularity recently of sUAS (small unmanned aircraft systems) or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles), more commonly referred to as drones, aerial images of properties have never been more accessible and affordable. These easy to fly drones are making the presentation of properties look better by taking stunning pictures of them, thus increasing their face value just by the images which are presented to the buyers. Whether you want to be able to show the overall “feel” of a home from the air, show amenities like the fact that it’s on a golf course, resting on a seaside cliff or is heavily wooded, aerial photography can capture so much more than is available from ground level.

Aerial photography is also great if you have large rural tracts of land, so you’re able to get an overall view of the property from the air, showing structures, ponds, etc. and where they all sit in relation to the entire tract.  We can also provide services as shown in the above image, outlining the property so potential buyers can see where the tract sits among other adjoining tracts of land & roadways.

If you decide aerial photography would be an advantage, and give a new perspective to your images, give us a call and let’s talk about what it is you’re looking for.  No two aerial shoots are the same, and we will work with you to customize yours to fit your needs.  We can do both still images and/or video depending on your planned usage.

We are FAA Part 107 licensed sUAS pilots and comply with all rules and regulations regarding the use and operation of sUAS.

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