Should You Use a Professional Real Estate Photographer?

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 A Professional Real Estate Photographer Can Boost Your “Web Appeal”!

First Impressions

Like your mom always said, “You only get one chance to make a good first impression.”, and that still holds true, especially for real estate listings. A professional real estate photographer can help you do just that! Make that great first impression!

When selling a house, increasing the visual appeal of your listings is imperative. It can result in decreased time on the market and a higher selling price. You only have one chance to grab a buyer’s attention with your listing!

The days of home buyers calling a realtor to compile a list of potential homes from the MLS database for them to review are gone. Thanks to the rise in popularity of and sites like Zillow and, buyers today overwhelming use the internet to search for properties when shopping for a new home.

The first thing a buyer looks at when searching for homes online are the photos. Study after study shows that overwhelmingly, photos are viewed first in real estate listings. Great photos are so important these days that most buyers won’t even look at a listing without photos. And if they’re bad photos? They’ll just click through to the next house. Even when listings include photos, up to 50% of buyers don’t even look at the agent’s description of the property. They ONLY look at the photos before moving on or wanting more information on the property.  If you can catch the homebuyer’s eye with a stunning photo, they’ll want to see more. If not, they’ll go back to their search list and go to the next home.

Increased Sales Price and Shorter Time on the Market

According to this study by Ruxta Realty, homes get more online views and sell for a higher price than homes without photos or those with less than flattering images.

Professional Real Estate Photographer

In addition, the extra money spent for professional photos will pay off after you’ve sold the property, in future listings! When people see that you aggressively market your listings using professional photography all the time, they’ll be more confident in contacting you to market their home. So using professional images in every listing, regardless of the price point, shows future clients you’re consistent.

Hiring a Professional Real Estate Photographer

When a client hires a realtor to market their home, they’re hiring a professional who knows how to sell houses.  When you hire a professional real estate photographer, you’re also hiring a professional. Someone who knows about architecture, real estate and knows how to best photograph homes. Professional real estate photographers take photos of houses for a living, day in and day out.  They have the ability and the knowledge to capture your home’s best features.

Professional real estate photographers have the technical expertise and the equipment to make even the darkest spaces look warm and inviting.  Using special lighting techniques, advanced architectural lenses and Photoshop proficiency, professional photographers bring a unique skill set to the photo shoot. Their expertise will make your home look extraordinary.  A professional real estate photographer knows what angles, lighting setups and staging is needed in each living space, to make buyers interested in the photo.

When hiring a professional real estate photographer, you are assured that your home’s BEST features will be advertised, while its less than heavenly features will be made to appear beautiful as well.  Real estate photographers have the ability to make the ordinary home look extraordinary.

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